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Bienvenido - Bun venit - Benvenuto - 환영합니다 - Bienvenue - Willkommen - Selamat datang - Laipni lūdzam - Witam - 歡迎光臨 - etc etc.

Founded in 1870, Brooksbank have been manufacturing and supplying combing aprons, synthetic spinning aprons and brushes for over 100 years.

These aprons represent high performance at an affordable cost & their consistency is appreciated by wool combers and spinners of high quality yarns in many countries worldwide.

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    Brooksbank Combi Synthetic & premium disposable noil brushes are produced from high performance & hightec materials, developed for high speed combs
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    Please call us or use our online form to request quotations or brochures from Brooksbank Industries
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    Comb Aprons available from stock held by many of our international distributors. Special sizes can be made to order - please enquire for more details

Brooksbank (Beijing)

Flag of China, Brooksbank (Beijing) Trading Company Limited
Brooksbank (Beijing) Trading Co. Ltd.

Established in 2008 in order to simplify the ordering and purchasing process for our customers located in and around China.

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